How can successors grow into their legacy?

The Family Business Voice

14-10-2022 • 29 mins

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Dr Jamie Weiner and Russ Haworth speak with Ramia about their new book, The Quest for Legitimacy, which explores the unique struggle of those growing up in the family business.

Dr Jamie Weiner’s experience as a clinical psychologist gives him insight into the complex dynamics that exist between family members. Since 2018, he’s devoted himself to qualitative research on the rising generation of prominent family businesses, culminating in The Quest for Legitimacy model.

Russ Haworth is a UK based family business consultant who first entered the field nearly 20 years ago as a financial planner and wealth manager. Russ is also the host of The Family Business Podcast.

- Rising gen family members often lack the sense that they belong in the position they find themselves in. Getting there requires awareness, introspection and exploration.

- Being part of the rising gen isn’t necessarily a product of age. Look at the new King Charles III, for example, who was a rising gen until 73.

- A rising gen’s path is often defined by transition points, which can be the death of a family member, the sale of a key company, or even something subtler, like a conversation.

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