From family enterprise to family office - How does Tavares de Melo maintain family cohesion?

The Family Business Voice

06-10-2022 • 23 mins

On this episode of The Family Business Voice, Maya Prabhu and Dr Dennis Jaffe speak with Ramia about their work on the Tavares de Melo case study, which was published by Tharawat Magazine and written with Carolina Cintra.

Read the full interactive article here:

Dennis Jaffe is a family business consultant and acclaimed author of books in the field. He is based in San Francisco.

Maya Prabhu, based in London, leads J.P. Morgan Private Bank’s Wealth Advisory practice for the EMEA region and the International Family Governance practice.

- Tavares de Melo’s story is one of constant reinvention — an instructive example for family businesses that must deal with changing contexts, personnel, and dynamics over time.

- After 90 years in business, Tavares de Melo sold its physical assets and became a family office. Their work to keep the extended family engaged and unified since then is a lesson in governance and organisation.

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