How is this 2nd Generation Family Legacy Changing the Malaysian Security Industry?

The Family Business Voice

11-02-2022 • 24 mins

On this episode of the Family Business Voice, Saliza Abdullah, Managing Director and CEO of BG Capital Holdings, talks about her journey at the forefront of the Malaysian security industry, what she sees as the key ingredients for a family firm’s longevity, and what the future might hold for BG Capital Holdings.

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- For Saliza Abdullah, the Managing Director and CEO of BG Capital Holdings, the continued success of her family’s business is only one part of her mission. With the help of technology, she's advancing the cause of women in her industry and ushering in a new kind of democratised security — achievements that are just as impactful as her family's extraordinary legacy.

- In working well with her mother, the delineation between business and family roles was critical. Mother and daughter could have a heated discussion at work, leave it there and then go home for a family dinner together. They wouldn't pick up the work discussion until the next day.

- In her work at BG Capital Holdings, as well as her role as vice-president of the association that governs the security industry in Malaysia, Saliza has overseen a dramatic rise in gender diversity in her industry. According to Saliza, there has been significant buy-in to the idea that gender diversity and inclusion hold the keys to sustainability in the long run.

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