EP69 - Head of the Jones & Jones Group - Jesse Jones

Media People Podcast

13-09-2022 • 1 hr 22 mins

Founded in 1987 by Denise and Allan Jones, the Jones & Jones Group has served many sides of the creative world for Afro-Caribbean & multi-cultural creators. And at the head of this is today’s guest, Jesse Jones. Born in Sudbury and raised in Toronto, Jesse studied marketing & communications at the University of Ottawa. Being in the nation’s capital presented a coincidence that Jesse parlayed into an opportunity which would arguably help launch his career. Working at the campus radio station allowed him to apply for press credentials when the JUNO Awards were in town. While at the JUNOs, he networked his way into a sales and marketing job with Hot 89.9, which at the time was a new Ottawa FM radio station focused on hip-hop, R&B, and popular music. From there Jesse moved into marketing and PR roles with SonyBMG Canada, Youthography, and the Timex Group. And if you’re a fan of realty TV and ET Canada, you’re probably asking yourself: Is it THAT Jesse Jones? It is. Some of you might already know Jesse as the season one host of the Bachelor in Paradise Canada, and ET Canada’s Black History Special: FORWARD, Celebrating the Future of Black Entertainment in Canada. Jesse Jones stops by to chat about his career in the boardroom and his work in front of the camera. www.mediapeople.ca www.instagram.com/vicgenova/