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EP58 - Sales Health Alliance Founder - Jeff RiseleyEP57 - Derooted Immersive Creative Director & Partner - Simón Rojas GajardoEP56 - LinkedIn Financial Services Lead - Amina MatternEP55 - Dentsu New Business Manager - Amy FosterEP54 - Authentic Leadership Coaching Founder - Kristine LyretteEP53 - Star Metroland Media Director of Digital Sales - Cheryl LucianiEP52 - Bell VP of Digital Marketing and Sales - Corby FineEP51 - Porter Novelli VP, Head of Digital Innovation & Integrated Media - Saeed ZamanEP50 - Think Start Inc. Co-Founder - Mohit RajhansEP49 - Scotiabank Director of Account Management, Agency Ops, & MKTG Channel Strategy - Gah-Yee Won
Planning and transacting media used to be a straightforward process. You hired an agency, and benefitted from their collective buying power, vendor relationships, and knowledge. But in an age of data, disruption, and a slew of new platforms, many marketers are rethinking this time-old formula. One option involves finding new & innovative ways of working closer with your agency partners. But in some cases, it might involve taking certain responsibilities in-house. These are some of things that today’s guest, Gah-Yee Won, has been tasked with navigating. Gah-Yee is the Director of Account Management, Agency Operations, & Marketing Channel Strategy at Scotiabank, one of Canada’s largest financial instructions. A Toronto native, storytelling was a big passion of hers growing up, and was one that she fostered through drama and visual art in high school. One of the OG’s of the Canadian digital media space, Gah-Yee jumped into agency life at time when traditional media was still king, and digital advertising was more of an afterthought. From trafficking ads, to starting one of the first transparent agency trading desks in Canada, to working with the mother of all global advertisers, Proctor & Gamble. We sit down with Gah-Yee Won and chat about everything from being a French immersion student, growing up in a multi-generational home, and managing a portfolio of clients that ranged from the Toronto Zoo to Proctor & Gamble. And for those looking to grow their careers? Gah-Yee also provides some sound and straight-forward advice on how to position yourself for a promotion. www.mediapeople.ca www.instagram.com/vicgenova/
1 hr 8 mins
EP48 - Accessible Consumer Tech Influencer - Joel DembeEP47 - COMMB President - Amanda Dorenberg
Model, entrepreneur, talent manager, ad tech and marketing professional—these are just some of roles comprising the eclectic career of Amanda Dorenberg. A native of Prince Edward County, Canada. Amanda fast-tracked her education, graduating high school when she was just 16 before moving on to study computer programming in college, and marketing in university. Modelling was Amanda’s first big career move, which took her on shoots around the globe. While modeling, she saw an opportunity to put her marketing prowess to work and began representing some of her fellow models. But all of this came to a grinding halt one day, as Amanda would be rushed to the emergency room with an arteriovenous malformation—a traumatic brain injury that’s guaranteed to be lethal if not treated immediately. Amanda would wake up from brain surgery hours later, virtually immobile, and forced into months of rehabilitation to regain many of her basic functions. She went on to make a full recovery and would begin her assent through the advertising and tech world, holding positions at Postmedia, Cieslok, Dynamic Outdoor, OUTFRONT Media, Centry’s, and Frontrunner Technologies. Amanda’s latest role is an OOH advertising homecoming of sorts, as she was recently appointed President of the Canadian Out of Home Marketing Measurement Bureau. Amanda Dorenberg stops by to chat about her days as a model, balancing work at a call centre and grocery store while enrolled as fulltime student, and her experiences in the OOH & ad tech industry. www.mediapeople.ca www.instagram.com/vicgenova/
1 hr 1 min
EP46 - TSN Head of Brand Partnerships - Jamie SaullEP45 - Pelmorex Head of Data Sales and Product Strategy - Celeste NormingtonEP44 - Midas Exchange Senior Director of Strategy - Boris ChoEP43 - CANNADA BRANDS Founder & Creator - Jordan BrooksEP42 - Pressboard Co-Founder & CEO - Jerrid Grimm
Entrepreneurship is something that was engrained in Jerrid Grim’s psyche from an early age. In fact if you ask Jerrid, he’ll tell that his younger self believed that starting a business was the only way to make money. A native of suburban, Edmonton, Jerrid’s first job was a local flyer route. But unlike most kids who are stuck spending hours bundling flyers before lugging them out for delivery, young Jerrid outsourced part of the labour to his sisters—essentially turning his first job into his first ever managerial role. After high school Jerrid enrolled at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, where he studying marketing. After graduation he landed a job selling advertising space on bike racks throughout Edmonton. With little structure, it was the type of role that required an entrepreneurial mindset for success. From there he moved over to Pattison Outdoor, one of the latest outdoor advertising companies in Canada. Jerrid had planned to take a year off to backpack Europe. The only problem? A senior role at Newad presented itself just as he was getting ready to leave. He convinced Newad to hang onto the job, and returned a year later into a VP position. It was during his time at Newad where he was handed a massive branded content opportunity. Both the client and the dollars were big, but the process of getting the campaign live proved to be both costly and cumbersome. Jerrid saw these hurdles as a business opportunity. Clients wanted to spend more on branded content, but the ability to scale and report efficiently across multiple partners was difficult. And just like that—the idea for Pressboard was born. We sit down with Jerrid Grimm, Pressboard CEO and Co-Founder. If you’d like learn more about the company then open up your podcast app and search for ‘The Science of Storytelling’, the official Pressboard podcast that brings together the best minds in the digital publishing space to talk about how stories can change the way we think and feel. Pressboard https://www.pressboardmedia.com Victor Genova IG VicGenova www.mediapeople.ca
1 hr 5 mins
EP41 - Wine Renaissance Woman & Entrepreneur - Angela Aiello [pka 'Super Wine Girl']EP40 - Clue Digital Co-Founder & CEO - Joshua AlverniaEP39 - Group Director, Strategy @ Omnicom Media Group - Terra Sharek