Ep-6 You Ask & We Answer Listener's Gardening Questions (2) & Starting a YouTube Channel: Gardening Coast2Coast

The Rusted Garden Homestead: All About Growing, Cooking & Sharing Food

14-11-2021 • 55 mins

Jerry aKa CameraGuy joins us to help answers camera related questions and starting your own YouTube Channel.  Gary and CaliKim answer your  questions on any gardening topic. We will do a monthly Listener Q & A podcast episode, taking questions sent to us through www. gardeningcoast2coast.net or gardeningcoast2coast@gmail.com. We will answer 20-25 listener questions each episode.  Today's cast includes the themes of; camera selection, filming tips, raised beds, insect mesh,  using leaves, fish emulsion, neem oil recipe, tips on radishes, and more.

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