ECAMP Podcast

Edmonton City as Museum Project

The stories of the People, Places, Things and Moments that make the City of Edmonton what it is. Presented by Edmonton Heritage Council.

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TEASER for Episode 13 (Bonus)
S02E13 | Without Discrimination: The Delwin Vriend CaseTEASER for Episode 13 (Bonus)S02E12 | Bringing it Together: Immigration History through food & Edmonton’s AnnexationsS2E11 | The Edmonton 2Spirit Society, Lebanese Peddlers & Burger BaronS02E10 | Do It Together: DIY Art and Music Organizing in EdmontonS02E09 | The Points System, Caribbean Immigration & Neighbourhoods as Corporate ArtifactsS02E08 | Local Drag Kings, Part 2 & Impressions of Edmonton Post-ImmigrationS02E07 | Remembrance as an Active Process: Formal & Informal Ethnic EnclavesS02E06 | Examining a pan-Latinx identity & Indigenous burials in Blackmud Creek RavineS02E5 | We’re in Oil Country: Local Drag Kings & Venezuelan ImmigrationS02E04 | Reclaiming the Erased: Métis Histories & Sexual Preference Activism in the 1970sS02E03 | Kinokamau Plains & Immigration HallS02E02 | Bellamy Hill in the 1990s, an Indigenous Drag House & Early Edmonton as a Cosmopolitan CentreS02E01 | Heritage Trees & Gay Cruising in the 1980sS02E00 | The ECAMP Podcast Returns (Trailer)S01E16 | City Hall & the Friendship TowerS01E15 | From Barber to FarmerS01E14 | Library & City MarketS01E13 | Station of ReconciliationS01E12 | Edmonton Theatre