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S2EP22 Men's Mental Health & Overcoming Trauma Through Music with Arys DéjanS2EP21 Diversity is Good Business: How to Leverage Diversity for Growth and Success with Frankline AgborS2EP20 Uncovering the Truth about our Canadian History: Residential Schools, Truth and Reconciliation with Professor Jessica Vandenberghe
In today's conversation, I sit down with an Indigenous Engineer, Professor Jessica Vandenberghe, to uncover the truth about Canada's history with institutionalizing residential schools, the impact that remains today and how we can be allies with supporting truth and reconciliation. Professor Vandenberge is an Industrial Engineer and the Assistant Dean of Engineering, Community and Culture at the University of Alberta. She is a consultant, public speaker, and STEM mentor. She serves on a number of boards and councils and also co-hosts a podcast called, Unsettled: Truth and Conciliation. Today's episode may be triggering for some people so please take care while listening and feel free to reach out to mental health support in your community. For those in Alberta and Canada, mental health support can be accessed through: Mental Health Support in Alberta: Mental Health | Alberta Health Service or Mental health support: get help - Canada.ca If you found this episode meaninful, please consider leaving a rating on Apple podcast or wherever you listen and connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Clubhouse: @unrealtalkpod. I'm always happy to hear from you! List of Resources and Information discussed on the show: 2008 Apology by Prime Minister Stephen Harper: 2008 Federal Apology to Residential School Survivors - YouTube2017 Apology by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Tearful Justin Trudeau apologizes to residential school survivors in Newfoundland - YouTubeTruth and Reconciliation Calls to Action: Truth and Reconciliation Commission's calls to action, six years later - YouTubeThe Calls to Action Report: calls_to_action_english2.pdf (gov.bc.ca)Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada, Calls to Action: Final Report | MMIWG (mmiwg-ffada.ca)We Will Stand Up Documentary: nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up by Tasha Hubbard - NFBHome Fire Documentary: Home Fire - Ending the Cycle of Family Violence - YouTubeSecret Path: Gord Downie's The Secret Path - YouTubeJourney Home Documentary: Journey Home - YouTubeJordan's Principle: Jordan’s Principle | Assembly of First Nations (afn.ca)Jordan River Anderson: Honouring Jordan River Anderson (sac-isc.gc.ca)Tina Fontaine: Jury finds Raymond Cormier not guilty in death of Tina Fontaine | CBC NewsThe Blanket Exercise: Blanket Exercise Workshop - KAIROS Canada --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/unfilteredrealtalk/message
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S2EP19: Inclusion Starts with I: The Inspiring Story of an Athlete with Cerebral Palsy with Lovepreet DeoS2EP18 Hear Me Out Series: Supporting Children with Autism with KikoS2EP17 Hear Me Out Series: Fostering Inclusion and Accessibility with Nwamaka AgbakobaS2EP16 Hear me out Series: Understanding Cerebral Palsy with Carlos GonzalezS2EP15 Hear me Out Series: Understanding the FASD Epidemic in South Africa with AndreaS2EP14 Hear me Out Series: Podcasting for the Deaf Community with Kellina
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S2EP13 Black and Muslim: Addressing the Problem of Islamophobia in Canada with Tia AbdillahiS2EP12 Life on Hold: The Refugee Journey with Mimi Bassett
In today's conversation, I sit down with another Haligonian I met some years ago when I lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Odette Mimi Gbeve-Bassett is a Togolese Canadian who immigrated to Canada after 15 years living a refugee camp in Ghana. She is passionate, resilient and ambitious young lady who did not let her experience in the camp stop her from pursuing her dreams. She shares her journey and experience in the refugee camp and coming to Canada to pursue her education and graduating with a Masters in Laws. She talks about the impacts of living in refugees camps on the mental health and wellbeing of children as well as how to support children and youth in home and hosting countries.  Mimi is very passionate about supporting children and youth living in camps and has established a nonprofit with the sole goal of helping young people pursue education and to thrive in global society. Visit home (daree.org) to learn more about her nonprofit, donate or volunteer if you can. You can also check out her YouTube Channel: (41) A Moment With Mimi - YouTube for more about her.  If you enjoyed the conversation, consider sharing the podcast to support someone else and connect with me on Instagram or Clubhouse: @unrealtalkpod. For contributions or if you would like to be a guest on the show, email, unfilteredrealtalk@gmail.com. Don't forget to check out the video of this conversation on YouTube: (41) Unfiltered Real Talk Podcast - YouTube --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/unfilteredrealtalk/message
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S2EP11 Close Encounter: Nearly Raped Twice with Tokunbo
Gripping, bone chilling, raw and riveting is only a few qualifying words to describe this powerful episode. My guest came close to being raped twice while living in Ontario, Canada and one of the incident happened in her own house! Both incidents happened by persons she knew. Rape is a sensitive and heavy conversation and our deepest hope to sharing this very difficult experience is that it will help someone. My guest also share tips to support survivors as well as for self-protection.  This is a heavy conversation, however, it is very necessary and must remain ongoing. Please take care while listening and if you need to chat or debrief with someone after listening, check in with a friend or family or reach out to me directly on social media, email, clubhouse or via voice chat on Anchor.fm. I will be more than happy to debrief with you. Thank you for stopping by and listening to the episode. Below are some articles that we discussed in today's conversation: Iniubong Umoren, a 26 year old recent graduate raped and murdered while responding to a job ad: Iniobong Umoren: Job-seeking Nigerian lady found dead (gazettengr.com) Justice for Uwa. Veral Uwaila, a 22 year student who was raped and brutally killed in a Church in Nigeria, Justice For Uwa: Undergraduate Killed & Raped In A Church | Zikoko! Sexual Assaults Statistics: JustFacts - Sexual Assault (justice.gc.ca) Over 80% of all juvenile sexual assault victims are female, and 90% of adult rape victims are female: 32 Disheartening Sexual Assault Statistics for 2021 (legaljobs.io) --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/unfilteredrealtalk/message
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S2EP10 Black Women in Science: Pursuing a Career in Nursing. Is it worth it? with Lucetta MarahS2EP9: Black Women in Science: Pursuing a Career in Pharmacy - Tips for Overcoming Challenges and Thriving with Dr. Onyi Kammelu
1 hr 5 mins
S2EP8 COVID-19 Vaccine: Questions Answered with Dr. Johnson Fatokun, MDS2EP7 Life of an Immigrant Student in Canada with EzekielS2EP6 Assimilation, Adaption and Inclusion: Experience Living in the Diaspora with Yemi and Ijeoma
Is your teeth so white because you're so dark? Is that your real hair? How come your English is so good? Does your cultural name suggest you can't speak English? Did you have to change your name to get a job in the diaspora? In today's episode, my guests, Yemi and Ijeoma share their experiences with overt prejudice, stereotypes and racism while living in the diaspora. We touch on the importance of preserving your identity and remaining true to your culture while understanding that some immigrants may not necessarily want to be associated with their roots for good reasons. We also talk about stereotypical and prejudicial statements including those from our own people while highlighting that all people are beautiful and we must do better to respect and assimilate into each other. We recognize that fear and comfort is sometimes involved when migrating to a different country and emphasize embracing some of the traditions of where you are while keeping your identity in focus.  Ijeoma is a writer, licensed food judge and the co-host of the Africa in my Kitchen Podcast. Yemi is an economist and the podcast producer, host and CEO of Tunuka Media. If you enjoy the episode, please consider supporting us by subscribing to the podcast, following us on social media @unrealtalkpod, and rating the podcast wherever you listen. Following us, sharing, rating the podcast and leaving a comment in the podcast and on the social media pages help us to gain more visibility and to continue to reach out to more people, spreading more inspiring stories for life changing shifts.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/unfilteredrealtalk/message
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S2EP5 Chronicles of a Hard of Hearing Girl with Anne EgwucheS2EP4 Black Women in Business: $6000 to six figures in 2 Years with NiLo
In today's episode, my guest, NiLo, discusses her journey to becoming the first black-owned business exclusively for afro hair in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. NiLo worked in the corporate world in New York for a number of years before starting her very first natural hair business in North Carolina and subsequently moving to Canada to start Afrodisiac Natural Shop in Edmonton, which she has been running successfully, going from $6,000 in sales to six figures in a two year period. We discuss top strategies for black women venturing into business and must-have skills and tools for running a successful small business. NiLo also drops gems that worked for her such as hiring an accountant first, paying all staff before paying yourself, reinvesting your profits back into the business, and creating a community around yourself and  your business.  This episode was recorded on VIDEO and you can watch it on the Unfiltered Real Talk Podcast YouTube channel, link to watch: Unfiltered Real Talk Podcast - YouTube If you enjoy the conversation, leave us voice message on Anchor, follow on social media @UnRealTalkPod and make sure to leave us a comment about what you enjoyed. Also rate the podcast on spotify, apple or wherever else you listen to the podcast.  NiLo is the marketing director of Melanistic Magazine, which features a new take on Edmonton's ethno-cultural lifestyle with particular focus on black experience. She is behind the Afro-Indie Book fair initiative which showcases a variety of black authors in our community. She is a storyteller and author and has published two children's book. She is also a podcaster and cohosts the Black Multiverse Theory Podcast. For more about Afrodisiac Natural Shop, visit, https://afrodisiacnaturals.com AFRODISIAC NATURAL STORE. For more about NiLo, visit her Instagram page, @thatgirlyoushouldknow ***ECHO ALERT- we apologize for the echo  nature of the audio, we were trying out a new device.** --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/unfilteredrealtalk/message
41 mins
S2EP3 Black Women in Business: Why women are limited with Rehana Malik-Mbanga