LILIANA'S INVINCIBLE SUMMER by Cristina Rivera Garza, read by Victoria Villarreal

Behind the Mic with AudioFile Magazine

09-05-2023 • 8 mins

Victoria Villarreal becomes the voice of a loving, tormented family member, Cristina Rivera Garza, who is seeking information about the murder of her sister Liliana. Host Jo Reed and AudioFile’s Kendra Winchester discuss this audiobook that bears witness to Liliana’s life. Villarreal uses a soft yet determined voice to characterize Cristina on her journey to find justice for her sister, and she captures the beautiful memories that Rivera Garza shares. This memoir is a beautiful example of a true crime audiobook that doesn’t seek to make a spectacle out of tragedy but rather honors Liliana’s life, seeks justice for her murder, and ties her story into the larger issue of violence against women. Read the full review of the audiobook on AudioFile’s website. Published by Random House Audio. Find more audiobook recommendations at Support for AudioFile’s Behind the Mic podcast comes from Visit for three free audiobooks with a trial. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit