Living Up To The Far Trade Name With Bailey Cherry


13-12-2022 • 25 mins

On today’s episode of #localbites we’re welcoming Bailey Cherry, marketing and events coordinator for Equator Coffee. Opening in 1998, Equator Coffee has been roasting and selling coffee while caring for the farmers who are the foundation of their business. Bailey got involved with Equator Coffee when she moved towns and applied for a job at the cafe and never looked back. From someone who didn’t like coffee to a coffee lover, Bailey has learned to love not only the coffee but also the people she serves and the staff she works with. She is sharing with us where Equator gets its coffee and how they uphold fair trade values. Ever wonder what it’s like to own a roastery and a café? Bailey is talking to us about the pros and cons of this as well as what it’s like to sell wholesale to your competitors. Equator Coffee is focused on their local community and gives back where they are able to support those that support them, both in Ottawa and where their coffee beans come from. Bailey is also talking us through how she shifted from barista to marketing and events coordinator. Her day to day looks busy, but she is focused in on Equator Coffee’s mission of “From crop to cup”.

[00:00] Show intro

[00:32] Welcome to Bailey

[00:41] Crater coffee and how it came to be

[02:05] The reason for working so closely with farmers

[03:24] How Bailey got involved with Equator Coffee

[04:51] Going from not liking to loving coffee

[08:05] Where does Equator get its coffee?

[09:00] What are the pros and cons of having a roastery and café

[10:59] Selling to “competitors” and where they are based

[12:33] Why is the idea of local so important to Equator?

[15:48] Going from the café side to marketing and events

[18:34] The biggest difference in marketing for café vs. wholesale and retail

[20:25] What events get hosted for the cafés?

[22:16] The coffee subscription program and how it gets promoted

[24:38] Advice for someone anywhere in the coffee business

[25:25] Outro

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