This year marks 10 years since I started producing professional music mixes, and this was my very first mix, released under my previous pseudonym DJ Seroton.

Before this mix, I got my first taste of chillout and ambient music when I stumbled on DJ River‘s catalogue of mixes, as well as MDB's Beautiful Voices mixes. I completely fell in love with them and the genre as a whole. There was something magical about a free-flowing mix where carefully curated songs perfectly blended in to create something, a feeling, that's bigger than the sum of the individual songs.

Here's to the next 10 years of mixing and beyond. Just like these artists that inspired me, I remain committed to pushing the artform of mixing further as I bring you more of positive, uplifting music that delivers a dose of happiness with every listen.

For something calmer, check out my other podcast: Calm Pills (, which are soothing atmospheric ambient albums, seamlessly mixed to help with relaxation, meditation, reading or deep sleep. Mostly consisting of instrumental ambient sounds and soft piano music, these mixes will help you completely relax your mind and body.


DJ Shah ― Balearic Feeling (Chillout Mix)

Chris Endres ― Capoeira Nights (Original Mix)

ATB ― Dooley's World

Marco Torrance ― Stranded Feelings

Roger Shah presents Sunlounger ― Kuta Beach (Downtempo Version)

John O'Callaghan feat. Lo-Fi Sugar ― Never Fade Away

Enigma ― The Dream Of The Dolphin

Jon Hopkins ― Inner Peace

Moby ― JLTF

Emma ― In The Summertime

Retsiem ― The Nighttime

Coldplay ― The Escapist

Jon Hopkins ― Light Through The Veins

The Chill Pill album One was curated and mixed by Alaeddin and released on Uplifting Pills on June 6, 2021