That’s How I Remember It

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Toronto improvisers and best bros recreate classic movies through improv to the best of their memory. Spoiler alert: They have terrible memories, and make little to no effort in following the original plot. Which leads to hilarious results every time. Subscribe wherever you get your pods or at www.thesonarnetwork.com!

205: The Lost Boys w/ Tallboyz Franco Nguyen and Guled Abdi!204: Stand By Me w/ Tallboyz Tim Blair and Vance Banzo!203: Honey I Shrunk the Kids - w/ Tricia Black202: Singing in the Rain - w/ Kyle Ayers201: Look Who's Talking200: Baby's Day Out199.1: COVID Catchup!199: The Babadook - Ian Geldart and Adam Alberts198: Animal House197: V for Vendetta - Lee Lawson196: Interstellar195: The Hills Have Eyes194: Good Will Hunting193: The Karate Kid192: Just My Luck191: Steel Magnolia190: Stuart Little - with Lisa Gilroy189: National Treasure188 - Sherlock Holmes187 - One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest