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Fifteen-year-old Tai Poole won’t rest until he’s uncovered the mysteries of the universe, one probing question at a time. In Season 4 of his Webby-winning podcast, Tai talks to everyone from NASA scientists to stand-up comedians to his equally curious little brother Kien. If you’ve ever wondered why nothing feels as good as a deep belly laugh or why it’s impossible not to finish a bag of Doritos, Tai has you covered.

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Tai’s back
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Why do we love junk food so much?How reliable are our memories?What can I do when I’m anxious?What will money look like in the future?Can we keep eating meat without destroying the planet?Tai’s backSpecial episode: How powerful is NASA's new space telescope?Introducing: Unlocking the FountainIs it possible to predict the future?How is the universe going to end?Where is the internet?How else can we power the planet?How much screen time is too much?What is at the bottom of the ocean?How do I know what’s true on the internet?Why do humans dance?Why are viruses so good at what they do?What's happening in my teen brain?New year, new TaiIntroducing Circle Round from WBUR