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A collection of conversations on themes exploring culture and society as seen by everyday Nigerians in Diaspora. My Latest Collection of conversations follows issues around identity, culture and history as it pertains to Nigerians home and abroad. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. Follow the show on instagram & twitter - @twotakesandapod and turn on notifications to get a heads up on new posts. You can also share your feedback by writing to twotakesandapod@gmail.com.
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Coup Conversations Prologue - Part 2
🚨🎙️ In Part 2 , we begin to see the fracturing of Nigeria's carefully molded political structure. The Action Group is imploding, as the NPC and NCNC coalition is dissolving, things go from bad to worse and this tension is felt through out the country leading up to the 1964 elections. This all leads up to the last flashpoint before Nigeria's first Military Coup in January 1966. On the next episode in this series we unpack how this affected the military by exploring what led to the major changes in the political dynamics that ultimately gave air for a military rebellion? Look out for the next edition of the coup conversations in the near future. *** Music Credits 2TAP Intro & Outro Tune by 1705muzik Outro Song : Asa- Jailer 🚨🎙️ Follow the show on instagram -https://www.instagram.com/twotakesandapod/ (@twotakesandapod) & twitter -https://twitter.com/twotakesandapod ( @twotakesandapo) Follow https://www.instagram.com/eyilola/ (Eyilola) and keep an eye out for unosabi9ja - coming soon.   References https://www.amazon.com/Oil-Politics-Violence-Nigerias-1966-1976/dp/0875867081/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2NSEFJP0H8JV1&dchild=1&keywords=oil+politics+and+violence&qid=1620609934&sprefix=oil+politics+and+v%2Cstripbooks-intl-ship%2C166&sr=8-1 (Oil Politics and Violence: Nigeria's Military Coup Culture 1966 - 1976) by Max Siollun https://www.amazon.com/Class-Ethnicity-Democracy-Nigeria-Republic/dp/0815624220 (Class Ethnicity and the Democratic State: Nigeria, 1950 - 1966) by Larry Diamond https://www.amazon.ca/Coalitions-Nigeria-History-Trends-Prospects/dp/9788431615 (Party Coalitions in Nigeria: History, Trends and Prospects by Anthony Akinola) https://www.academia.edu/2104947/Leadership_Crisis_and_Political_Instability_in_Nigeria_1964_1966_The_Personalities_the_Parties_and_the_Policies (Leadership Crisis and Political Instability in Nigeria, 1964 - 1966: the Personalities, the Parties and the Policies a Review) by Emmanuel Oladipo Ojo https://www.amazon.ca/Nigerian-Political-Parties-Emergent-African/dp/0691651639/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=nigerian+political+parties&qid=1620609645&s=books&sr=1-2 (Nigerian Political Parties: Power in an Emergent African Nation) by Robert L. Sklar https://www.amazon.ca/History-Nigeria-Toyin-Falola/dp/052168157X (A History of Nigeria) by Toyin Falola & Matthew M. Heaton
57 mins