At Least its Not Joe Rogan


The podcast that makes you think; it’s a podcast....... but at least its not joe rogan. Hosted by the young fresh upcoming new talent Felicity Smith who will charm you with her unmatched wit and astute observations. All members of the LGBT community are welcome and straights are too but only if they rate it 5 stars. As an extremely qualified teenager Felicity will offer you helpful tips and tricks on how to stop being boring and annoying and guide you into the light of being exactly like her. She will also offer you her uninformed opinions on semi relevant current events if she remembers to read the news but that’s not a promise. This podcast is highly recommended to people who use the word girlboss unironically, people who read a book once and think they're smart and gay people who are homophobic. If you want more riveting content and to find out when new episodes are going live follow the pod on instagram @atleastitsnotjoerogan and @_felic_s twitter @Felicityishot69 or even because were gen z on tiktok @atleastitsnotjoerogan read less