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Chris McNutt

Comedian, Aquarius Monkey and all-around spiritual ascension freak Chris McNutt welcomes guests to explore the current 21st century experience of ascension energies, awakening, meditation, consciousness, earth shift, galactic codes and so much more that's currently whipping around in every direction. The joint is lit, so let's get some galactic nachos and enjoy the show of being human right here, right now.
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Celia McBride works with others as a Spiritual Director by day, but at night she is a seasoned personal explorer of the domains of consciousness. She's a writer, yoga teacher, and Spiritual Director who works one-on-one with a wide range of people on a regular basis. She's also spent time writing, directing and performing for the stage and screen and has been a self-confessed unabashed "Lover of God" her entire life. She stops by to chat about seriousness and stillness, Divine Paradoxes, timelines and the timeliness of personal ascension. Episode Notes: We reference a couple of books such as "The History of God" by Karen Armstrong and "Jesus, My Autobiography" by Tina Louise Spalding. The "Awakening OD" podcast by Jessa Reed gets mentioned and is a fave of mine as well. Shout out to Eels and their song "I Like Birds" for the musical inspiration. Go check out all the previous episodes of McNuttiest Dimension on your favourite streaming or download platform and don't forget to subscribe to receive new episodes weekly and if you like what you hear, please leave me a review. Fabulous! If you'd like to connect, that would also be super-sweet: Instagram - @mcnuttiest Facebook - @mcnuttiest Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/mcnuttiest TikTok - @mcnuttiest Email - yo@mcnuttiest.com Web - mcnuttiest.com Consciousness #spiritualjourney #awakening #ascension #spiritualpodcast #inspiration #earthshift #spiritualawakening #higherconsciousness #spiritualcomedy Special Guest: Celia McBride.
1 hr 5 mins
Ruth Lera, Energy Healer: Surrender and Ascension through Hammock-Napping