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Daily opinions from Commercial Radio Hall of Fame inductee and Walkley award winning journalist Jeremy Cordeaux.

Jeremy Cordeaux has worked successfully in all facets of the media: radio, television and print as well as marketing, promotions, public relations and media training.

He has gone from Office Boy to Presenter, Programme Manager, General Manager, Managing Director and Owner of three highly successful radio stations.

He started his career at Radio 2GB at the age of 16, he moved to 2GF Grafton and one year later was recruited by Channel 10 Sydney.

At Channel 10 Jeremy Cordeaux learned the business of television: ‘general on-air duties’, ‘hostings’, and ‘news reading’.

Grundy’s chose him to host the very successful, national teenage show “Blind Date”.

He wrote, packaged and hosted his own programmes “The Better Half” and “Ten on Travel and People” (10 on TAP).

In 1973 Cordeaux was asked to take over the John Pearce Morning Show on Radio 2GB. In 1974 he was promoted to the all important Breakfast programme.

Cordeaux moved to Adelaide in 1976 ahead of 2GB’s disastrous conversion to Rock ‘n Roll.

The following thirty years saw Jeremy Cordeaux’s Morning Show, “The Court of Public Opinion”, on Radio 5DN – always at or near the top of the ratings.

Over the years, amongst other achievements, Cordeaux has won:

a Walkley Award for Excellence in Journalism

three Gold Medals from the International Radio Festival of New York for

Best Talk Show Host in the World

a bronze medal for the Best Community Programme in the World

twice a finalist as the Best Radio Personality in the World

While running the very successful Morning Show, Cordeaux acquired a ten percent interest in 5DN and six months later was promoted to Managing Director.

In the last thirty years Jeremy has worked for all the major television networks in Adelaide: presenting “Cordeaux’s Adelaide” for Channel 9, “State Affair” and the “Nightly News” for Channel 7 and editorials for “Ten’s News Hour”.

He wrote a popular column for the Murdoch afternoon newspaper “The News” for several years.

In 1990 Jeremy Cordeaux sold his interest in 5DN and bought Radio Stations 5AD and 5SE from Hoyts Media.

Four years later he set up the first radio “combo” in Australia owning and running the highly successful number one FM music station 5AD and the number one AM talk station 5DN: All the while continuing to present his Morning Talk Show from 9.00am till 1.00pm.

In 1996 Cordeaux sold his company to the Australian Radio Network. He remained on-air for the next ten years.

Jeremy Cordeaux was the founding Chairman of the Variety Club of SA, is currently an Ambassador and Life Member for Variety’s Tent 75; a Life Member of the Royal Institution for Deaf and Blind Children in NSW; Patron of the Motor Neurone Disease Association of SA; on divisional council Red Cross for ten years; on the board of SA Great for ten years and on the board of the Smith Family for five years.

He is a member of the Australian Club, the Union and Pioneer’s Club, and a Life Member of the Order of Australia Association.

In 2003 he was Knighted by The Order of St John for his services to the community, and in 2006 acknowledged in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List with an Order of Australia, AM.

Jeremy and his wife, Caroline Peacock, have homes in Adelaide, Sydney and Hamilton Island. They have one son and Jeremy has three adult children from a previous marriage.

His latest venture was producing and presenting a news, talk, current affairs, chat show which he calls “The Court of Public Opinion” – an “eccentric” programme recorded in Cordeaux’s extensive garage.

His hobbies include: the media, art, old cars, reading and gardening.

Jeremy Cordeaux is currently the Managing Director of:

The Court of Public Opinion Pty Ltd

Word of Mouth: “The Best Advertising in the World” Pty Ltd

The Bottom Line Securities and Investments Pty Ltd

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