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Krav Maga is not just a self defence system, it is a way of life. Warriors den is a podcast for Kravist, fighters, martial artists, warriors, politicians and general citizens. Consider this: “The Society that separates scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools” – Thucydides Your host Jonathan Fader UTKM Co-Founder talks to guest in an open and uncensored format about their fights, their philosophies, and their lives. No topic is taboo and the conversation may start in one place and end in another. As the quote suggests you cannot separate the warrior from the politics and the world around them as a true warrior must be a student in all forms of arts and science. Older Episode can be found at: https://utkmblog.com/category/urban-tactics-krav-maga/warriors-den/

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Warriors Den Podcast Episode 111 - Jacob Hogge: Protests, Politics, Religion and PhilosophyWarriors Den Episode 110 - Kfir Itzhaki head of Instinct Psychology Driven Self Defense, Karate and Krav Expert and Israeli Hero
EXERPT: I Truly believe that every person can become a hero. And I wasn’t a hero in my life until I did stuff, and learned how to do it .And I can teach it. And I teach it and its possible. You don’t have to be born with it, its not like a degree or something you can develop it like a muscle. And if you will do it, you are going to be happy. Because if you are not suffering from anxieties then you are happy, you clean anxieties then you are happy.” - Kfir Itzhaki Kfir Itzhaki is an international speaker, author of " Unconventional Weapon - The Complete Guide For Using Fear" [Currently only available in Hebrew], mediator, and the head of a worldwide organization for self-defense and psychology teachings- INSTINCT IIC. Kfir was a professional martial arts competitor and won the Israeli Karate Championship. Prior to his enlistment in the IDF, he was on the verge of losing his sight following a surgical operation. In his military service, which included an extended service, he served as an operator and the head of combat training at "Duvdevan" - IDF's elite counterterrorism unit. During the training period, he lost his short-term memory as a result of a training accident, and after completing the training period, he was sent to represent his unit at IDF's Karate Championship, where he won the gold medal. Kfir completed IDF's Krav Maga instructors’ course as well as IDF's senior instructors course, with in the highest ranking and was selected as an excelled instructor in both courses. As a civilian, Kfir was awarded two civilian medals of bravery and heroism after saving a girl from getting raped, and following another incident in which he chased and took over a terrorist with his bare hands during one of the most severe stabbing attacks during the Knife "Intifada". During the terror attack, an event he was not involved at all before his intervention, Kfir himself was injured. Despite the injury and the extreme turn in his life, Kfir decided to finish his law studies and continue to lead the organization he founded. His actions and contribution to the safety of the State of Israel have received international recognition in many media outlets around the world, and he has been awarded the prestigious "Guardian of Israel" award by StandWithUs organization. Thousands of people attended the awarding ceremony in Los Angeles, including ambassadors, IDF and US Army officials, as well as former Israeli and American security forces personnel. You can reach out to Kfir on Facebook, Instagram, Instinct Instagram or Youtube.  SUPPORT THIS PODCAST UTKM: UTKM SHOP - Get your Merch TodayUTKMU - Online Training UTKM Blog - Older Audio Episodes Here!FacebookInstagramTwitterMetro Vancouver School
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Episode Episode 109 - Matthew Sharpe BJJ Black Belt Under the Megaton lineage and Martial Artist
Excerpt: [Telling the story on why he got into martial arts] And uh everything is going fine but all of a sudden of of the guys goes were going to be taking your firewood and your beer. king your firewood and your beer. What? Bro, like out of no where. Its crazy how fast things will switch. So my buddy stands up and he goes ,"no man you are not taking our firewood there is a forest right there You can get your own firewood." We even invited them to chill with us as well. So next thing you know one of the guys had grabbed one of the beer bottles and smashed my buddy in the back of the head with it. And it actually cut him from the back of the head down to his neck about a mm from his Artery. I think it was 30 staples to put his neck back together." Mathew Sharpe BJJ Black Belt Under the Megaton lineage and Martial Artist. Mathew started his martial arts journey around 13 years ago when an unprovoked violent assault with a weapon on himself and his friends occurred which resulted in the hospitalization of his friend. He then found the Creative Fighters Guild in Richmond BC, lead by Megaton Diaz Black Belt Trevor Clarkson. Matthew started his overall martial arts journey with JKD and BJJ but like many was drawn to BJJ. Last year he was given his Blackbelt by Megaton personally. Matthew also trains on other styles to increase his overall martial arts skills including ilustrisimo, with previous podcast guest Toby Reyes. He has since launched Sharpe Martial Arts and is teaching out of his garage like and OG martial artist though he also occasionally teaches at Advantage Jiu Jitsu (@advantage_jj) also in Richmond, BC. You can find Mathew on Instagram @Sharpe_Martial_arts SUPPORT THIS PODCAST UTKM: UTKM SHOP - Get your Merch TodayUTKMU - Online Training UTKM Blog - Older Audio Episodes Here!FacebookInstagramTwitterMetro Vancouver School Time Stamps:
2 hrs 58 mins
Warriors Den Podcast Episode 108 - Yeela Elyashar is a 5th Dan Black Belt Krav Maga practitioner with KMIL
Excerpt: [On the lack of good Ranking in Krav Maga] “First of all its not just in north America I know that in Europe it’s the same thing. I was recently in France and when I asked people there how long it takes people to reach to get, you know, from a beginner level from White Belt to Black belt. And they said it takes about two years which is crazy. I mean two years in Israel you don’t even reach you know Orange Belt so..What?!” Yeela Elyashar is one of the top ranked Female Krav Maga practitioners at 5thdan Black Belt in Krav maga Israel KMIL under 7th Dan Coral belt Ilan Fadlon. When Yeela Started they were originally under the Haim Zut Krav Maga brand but as is with most Martial arts opinions differ and KMIL was formed. Though Yeela originally started in other styles when she found Krav maga it became her passion and she now teaches full time where she spends much of her time teaching and developing children in Krav maga. Yeela also Volunteers in the Israeli Police force where she uses what she knows to keep herself and others safe. In this episode we talk about Krav maga, Ranking and promotion, Teaching adults and children, Policing, and our general philosophies in training Krav Maga and Self Defense. If you want to reach out to Yeela or train with her you can find her on Facebook or Instagram @yeela_kravmaga. You can also Follow KMIL @kravmagaIsrael on Instagram or check out their website. http://kmil.co.il/ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST UTKM: UTKM SHOP - Get your Merch TodayUTKMU - Online Training UTKM Blog - Older Audio Episodes Here!FacebookInstagramTwitterMetro Vancouver School Time Stamps: 00:00 – Episode and Guest Intro02:11 – Ad Read04:26 – Episode Start05:30 – Interview Start2:03:00 – Interview end
2 hrs 4 mins
Warriors Den Podcast Episode 107 - Petra Foerster UTKM Blue Belt: Testing, Teaching,  Socialism and LifeWarriors Den Podcast Episode 106 - Sebastien Lavoie retired RCMP Sgt. Maj and Founder of Raven Strategic
2 hrs 16 mins
Episode 105 - Maj. Nadav Raz of the IDF, PTSD, Buddhism and Counter Terrorism
EXCERPT: For me, the one thing that first let me deal with depression was understanding the basics of Buddhist thought…so the basic tenants of Buddhist is that the world is suffering. And that is awesome, its like if your baseline is the world is suffering that’s a good philosophy for me to understand because I’m suffering. Maj. Nadav Raz (IDF) has over 20+ years of Military and civilian training experience specializing in teaching Counter-Terrorism and intervention. Nadav started his military career like many Israelis in the Infantry advancing through the ranks and eventually, he was invited to help teach at the IDF counter-terrorism school and form a new division focused on counter-terror tactics for infantry units in civilian environments. After leaving the regular army service he began his reserve duty as an officer at the school for settlement protection and still spends several weeks/months a year teaching and training. During his time in the military, he was also exposed to an event where he was almost killed by an alleged ally with bullets just barely missing him after he had already spent several days under constant fire. Nadav traveled to Asia where he found Buddhism and other teachings that helped him deal with his depression and trauma. He now mostly teaches civilians how to arm and protect themselves and has developed a lecture called from Gaza to Buddha In This episode, we talk about Nadav’s Military experience, time in Asia, Trauma, Depression, PTSD, Our philosophies, experiences and lives, with a little Counterterrorism to offer some Ying to the yang. SUPPORT THIS PODCAST UTKM: UTKM SHOP - Get your Merch TodayUTKMU - Online Training UTKM Blog - Older Audio Episodes Here!FacebookInstagramTwitterMetro Vancouver School Time Stamps: 00:00 - Intro00:50 - Ad Read03:04 - Guest Intro05:10 - Interview Start3:37:42 - Interview End
2 hrs 38 mins
Warriors Den Podcast Episode 104 - Tony Blauer Self Defense and Martial Arts pioneer, creator of the S.P.E.A.R. System
Excerpt: "It Occurred to me after decades of studying violence, fear and aggression. That if people don’t manage their fear, they don’t manage to fight. Its that simple." - Tony Blauer Coach Tony Blauer has been in the martial art, self-defense, defensive tactics, and combatives industry for over four decades. He founded Blauer Tactical Systems (BTS) in 1985 and it has grown into one of the world's leading consulting companies specializing in the research and development of performance psychology, personal safety, and close quarter tactics & scenario-based training for law enforcement, military, and professional self-defense instructors. His research on the neuroscience of fear and the startle-flinch led to the development of the SPEARSystem® a modern personal defense system based on physiology, physics, and psychology. It has been used by defensive tactics and combative trainers all over the world for over 30 years.He developed the world's first impact-reduction scenario-based training equipment, called High Gear which revolutionized force-on-force training for police, SWAT, and military organizations.• After decades of interviewing victims of violent encounters and studying violence, he created theKNOW FEAR® program which focuses on managing fear through self-awareness, resiliency, and a 'movement' mindset. This program has also been integrated by psychologists helping Vets to deal with PTSD. Mr. Blauer's programs have influenced over three decades of trainers and coaches as well as most contemporary reality-based martial artists. He resides in California with his wife, kids, and dogs but still travels extensively working with individuals, corporations, and government organizations around the world providing solutions for training, performance assessment, and credentialing. His company is dedicated to enhancing the mental and physical safety of everyone they help train. Connect with Tony:  https://www.blauertrainingsystems.com/https://blauerspear.com/Know Fear PodcastTraining Calander FacebookInstagramInstagram - Personal SUPPORT THIS PODCAST UTKM: UTKM SHOP - Get your Merch TodayUTKMU - Online Training UTKM Blog - Older Audio Episodes Here!FacebookInstagramTwitterMetro Vancouver School Time Stamps: 00:00 - Intro00:36 - Ad Read02:39 - Guest Intro07:58 - Interview Start1:39:00 - Interview End
1 hr 39 mins
Warriors Den Intro Video 2022
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Episode 103 - Blog Post Series - The Nervous System, Reflexes, and Krav Maga
In this episode, I will be going over the Blog Post Series the Nervous System, Reflexes, and Krav Maga. This will go over many factors that affect your action and reaction potentials. This includes how training works to change your behavior and responses, connecting it to your mental awareness color code state, how to work through the stages of learning, and in general how your nervous system works in relation to speeding up your reaction times. Episode notes and references: https://hubermanlab.com/https://utkmblog.com/2017/12/19/action-vs-reaction-stages-of-mental-processing/https://utkmblog.com/2021/06/15/the-nervous-system-reflexes-and-krav-maga-part-1-action-vs-reaction/https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/stimulushttps://www.verywellmind.com/classical-conditioning-2794859https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-biological-preparedness-2794879https://www.verywellmind.com/operant-conditioning-a2-2794863https://www.healthline.com/health/slow-twitch-muscle-fibers#slow-twitch-muscleshttp://www.bjjweekly.com/blog/post/managing-adrenaline-dumpshttps://utkmblog.com/2021/06/22/the-nervous-system-reflexes-and-krav-maga-part-2-training-your-reflexes-and-conscious-decision-making/https://qbi.uq.edu.au/brain/brain-anatomy/what-neuronhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muscle_memoryhttps://www.glasgowcomascale.org/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2SIN7Mn0YA&t=220s&ab_channel=Brainbookhttps://utkmblog.com/2021/06/29/the-nervous-system-reflexes-and-krav-maga-part-3-withdrawing-from-stimulus/https://utkmblog.com/2021/07/06/the-nervous-system-reflexes-and-krav-maga-part-4-moving-towards-stimulus/ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST UTKM: BlogFacebookInstagramTwitterMetro Vancouver SchoolOnline Training - UTKMU
2 hrs 25 mins
Episode 102 - Joel Garcia a Martial Artist and aspiring Actor originally from Venezuela
Excerpt: (On immigrating alone, life, and company of others and yourself): “You truly have to create your own family. You get used to coming and going, you have to really find a way to not depend on people coming and going. It allows me to be completely ok with being alone, we're social creatures, we need people. But I think that every one should be able to understand and know what it's like to be alone. If we don’t appreciate our own company how the f…, how are you going to enjoy fully someone else’s company? Because other wise it becomes co-dependent. It's one thing when I want to be with you because I like your company, but it's another one because I’m so scared of not having someone to talk to. Its different approaches and I feel like a lot of us are still in that kind of mindset." Joel Garcia is a Martial Artist and Aspiring Actor originally from Venezuela. He left the now-failed state of Venezuela when he was a young adult through sports scholarships particularly Volleyball. Sport became Joel's path towards freedom and he eventually found Martial Arts starting with MMA. He has expanded his knowledge in Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Overall Self Defense. Through Sport, Joel has grown as a person exploring the physical and the spiritual. In this episode, we cover so many topics from Martial Arts, The importance of Freedom, Authoritarianism, His experience in Venezuela, Spirituality and being a better human, what's going on in the world and so much more. If you want to follow Joel on Instagram you can follow him @joelgmma or if you want to train with him check out his website https://www.alchemymma369.com/ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST UTKM: BlogFacebookInstagramTwitterMetro Vancouver SchoolOnline Training - UTKMU
3 hrs 1 min
Episode 101 - JoJo is a UTKM Yellow Belt, My Wife and Hunting Partner.Episode 100 - Host Jonathan Fader does Story time: A loose history of his life and how it lead to UTKMEpisode 99 - Ryan Kitchen BJJ Black Belt and Co-Owner of Advantage Jiu Jitsu in Richmond, BCEpisode 98 - Blog post series - The Awareness Colour Code Self Defense and Mental Health
This episode is a blog post series discussing the Mental Colour code and its application in both literal physical self defense and mental health. At UTKM it is very much believed that self defense is not just physical and too often we can focus too much on the groin strikes and throat punches that good self defense is very much about balance which includes both the internal and external aspects. Several years ago UTKM adopted and slightly modified the Colour code developed by Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper and it has been an integral part of our Self Defense and Krav Maga approach ever since. One must understand its application to literal self defense, to personal mental health and Mindfulness as well as how it connects to our nervous system and its various reactions. Understanding this is key to a happy and healthy life and one where you have truly learned to walk in peace. SUPPORT THIS PODCAST UTKM: BlogFacebookInstagramTwitterMetro Vancouver SchoolOnline Training - UTKMU Episode References: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Cooper https://utkmblog.com/2018/01/09/the-colour-code-stages-of-mental-awarness-situational-awareness/  https://utkmblog.com/2021/05/04/awareness-colour-code-the-nervous-system-mental-health-part-1-self-defence-and-mental-health/ https://utkmblog.com/2021/05/11/awareness-colour-code-the-nervous-system-mental-health-part-2-white-totally-relaxed-bad-for-self-defence-good-for-mental-health/ https://utkmblog.com/2021/05/18/awareness-colour-code-the-nervous-system-mental-health-part-3-yellow-relaxed-alert-a-great-place-to-be-overall/ https://utkmblog.com/2021/05/25/awareness-colour-code-the-nervous-system-mental-health-part-4-orange-identified-threat-or-paranoia/ https://utkmblog.com/2021/06/01/awareness-colour-code-the-nervous-system-mental-health-part-5-red-time-to-fight-or-is-it-just-another-mental-breakdown/ https://utkmblog.com/2021/06/08/awareness-colour-code-the-nervous-system-mental-health-part-6-black-catastrophically-overwhelmed/
2 hrs 4 mins
Episode 97 - Laszlo Antal is a 3rd Dan Kyokushin Black Belt originally from Hungary
3 hrs 45 mins
Episode 96 - Hugo is a UTKM Yellow Belt, Programmer and Founder of People Ensuring Animal Care Exists
Excerpt: "How I like to Approach it, that is that is we need to be acquainted with violence and how it functions in order to have a proper relationship with it. Not that your going to be like you know just tossing and becoming a more violent and more aggressive person but you need to have a relationship to it. So, you know that's the same thing with uh, if we are talking firearms, ...that's a thing in Buddhist...philosophy, there's a notion called weapons principle. If somebody is standing there.. brandishing a sword hold it high in the sky, like you know people are going to react in turn, there is a certain energy to it. So its like relating to that, lets rather have a relationship to it rather than just shying away." Hugo is a UTKM Yellow belt who ironically found Krav Maga through his Buddhist meditative practices with the Shambala Buddhist organization. Originally from South Africa he moved to Canada as a teenager and eventually found his way into programming where he works with Activision. When he got involved in the Shambhala organization he also became involved in the Droje Kasung which is the security and training division of the organization to protect its self, its teachers, and practitioners from unwanted harm. He and his wife also founded the Not for Profit Organization People Ensuring Animal Care Exist or P.E.A.C.E to help find safe haven and sanctuary for animals particularly of the Farm Variety. In this episode, we discuss his Buddhist practices and philosophies, Martial Arts, Use of Force, Veganism, Ethics and morality, and much more as we discuss the quandaries of what it means to be human. SUPPORT THIS PODCAST UTKM: BlogFacebookInstagramTwitterMetro Vancouver SchoolOnline Training - UTKMU
2 hrs 25 mins
Episode 95 - Aaron Philip University Colleague and Hopeful soon to be Lawyer
Excerpt: "I think that there is a role that social media is playing in this. Which shines a light in weaknesses in our democracy in a very unhelpful way. Umm, so social media creates these easily manipulated narratives which allow us to inflate emotions and subvert, umm, dialogue and discussion like you and I are having right now. Cuz if you and I were talking and neither of us were listening to the other person the discussion would have very little value." - Aaron Philip Aaron Philip is a University Colleague of the Host as they met at KPU. Aaron studied Criminology with a minor in Political Science and was heavily involved in various aspects of KPU Student life. In particular was his involvement in the Model UN where he even traveled globally to participate in larger Mock UN Events. Aaron is now studying Law with the hopes of becoming a Lawyer and He intends to start a Family law practice in the future, offering integrated services, including mediation for families. This Episode starts off a little different as Aaron intends to launch a yet un-named podcast and asks a series of questions to Jonathan Fader for his podcast. After these the episode transitions into a discussion of Canadian Politics and the upcoming election and the Pandemic both provincially, federally and globally. The intro is a bit longer as Jonathan wanted to clarify and clean up some comments made during the discussion on the topic of the pandemic. For the sake of breaking up the topics the timestamps for this episode are provided below: 00:00 - Start – Intro and Clarifications from Jon regarding comments made in the discussion 00:31 - Aarons questions to Jon for his podcast 01:06 The Government, Upcoming Canadian Elections and the laws 01:49:00 ish  - Transition to the discussion of BC pandemic response and pandemic in General SUPPORT THIS PODCAST UTKM: BlogFacebookInstagramTwitterMetro Vancouver SchoolOnline Training - UTKMU
3 hrs 1 min
Episode 94 – Matt Kwan is a BJJ Black Belt Owner of ON Guard BJJ and Co-Founder of the BJJ Mental Models Podcast
1 hr 42 mins
Episode 93 – Saar Markovitch is the lead Instructor at X Fighting in Sydney Australia
1 hr 45 mins