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Awful and Awesome Ep 300: #BrunchWithAnA | Afwaah, Indian Matchmaking, The Diplomat
Awful and Awesome Ep 300: #BrunchWithAnA | Afwaah, Indian Matchmaking, The Diplomat
While talking about Indian Matchmaking Season 3:Abhinandan: Even if I had the time to watch this, I would not have…It’s just so bad. I refuse to watch this. Rajyasree: Is that why you’re going to London? (Referring to the upcoming Newslaundry subscriber meet). Because Indian Matchmaking Season 3 is basically Sima (Taparia) aunty taking over London. Abhinandan: Well, she can come to the subscriber meet then. Rajyasree: The kind of publicity you’ll get if she comes to the subscriber meet! (Cracks up)
Nainika: I’m sure Abhinandan would make a great participant on the show.Rajyasree: Going by the people they have, sure! Abhinandan: Is it a game show? 

Nainika: No! (Pauses) Well, marriage is a game show, technically!Abhinandan: Profound thoughts from the youth! The Gen Z! (laughs)This and a whole lot of stuff awful and awesome as Abhinandan Sekhri, Rajyasree Sen, and Nainika Singh Rathore review the series The Diplomat, Indian Matchmaking Season 3, and the film Afwaah in a special 300th episode livestream. Write to us at Introductions03:37 The Diplomat 10:09 Indian Matchmaking Season 327:03 Subscriber questions38:20 Afwah 49:21 Youtube questions 01:17:49 RecommendationsReferencesThe Diplomat
Indian Matchmaking Season 3
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