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Welcome to to Explore Magazine’s LIVE THE ADVENTURE Podcast This is the podcast that delves deep into the outdoors—we’ll inspire, inform and get you stoked to explore. Hiking? Camping? Environmental stewardship? Active living? Gear? You know it—and a whole lot more. Fresh guests every episode! Hosted by Explore Magazine editor and adventure expert, David Webb (@davidebwebb).

EP25: Mike Willie & Brenda Baptiste—Let's Talk Transformational TravelEP24: Rene Gauthier—ecologyst, and the future of apparelEP23: Alan Dyer—Let's Explore the CosmosEP22: Kelsey Serwa—An Olympic JourneyEP21: Dianne Whelan—Six Years on the Trans-Canada TrailEP20: Joel Hibbard — Guiding Storied Northern RiversEP19: Bruce Kirkby and Norm Hann—Let's Talk SUPEP18: Benjamin Jordan—Paragliding with Monarch ButterfliesEP17: Izzy Lynch and Tessa Treadway—What is the MOTHERLOAD?
1 hr 5 mins
EP16: Malindi Elmore — Canadian Olympian and Endurance AthleteEP15: Mike Danks—Team Leader, North Shore RescueEP14: Colin Angus — Around the World Adventures & Tech StartupsEP13: Colin Stein — The Past, Present and Future of CyclingEP12: Brenda Baptiste on Indigenous Tourism in BCEP11: Kristeva Dowling—In Relationship to the LandEP10: Tamara Jacobi—Becoming a WildpreneurEP9: Jenn Smith Nelson on why Saskatchewan and Manitoba are "Way Beyond Wheat Fields"EP8: Jay Kennedy—Let's Go GeocachingEP7: John Zada—In Search of the SasquatchEP6: Kevin Callan—A Meaningful Algonquin Adventure