The Back 40

Mike Brine

Welcome to The Back 40 Podcast! The podcast for farmers about topics and issues surrounding agriculture in Ontario and around the world.
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Local Line to Local Produce
27 mins
Local Line to Local ProduceA Year in ReviewCreating the Mill of The FutureInvesting in InnovationOne Planet, One HealthAgriculture & Nature Working TogetherFarm to Table TraceabilityBeing a Small Player in A Big MarketMaking Sense of DataUpcycling Food WasteLittle Brown CowOutstanding Young FarmersCleanFarmsBuilding a Circular Food EconomyFarm to School ProgramsSustainable Beef: The Road to Constant ImprovementCreating an On-Farm MarketplaceFarmers Helping FarmersThe Future of Farming: Autonomous RobotsWhat's The Beef?