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Moment of Um is your daily answer to those questions that pop up out of nowhere and make you go… ummmmmmm. Brought to you by your friends at Brains On at APM Studios.

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What causes solar flares?
What causes solar flares?What's the smallest unit of measurement?Why do daddy long legs have super long legs?Why do we rub our eyes when we're tired?Why do ostriches stick their heads in the ground?What produces eye gunk when we sleep?Why do we itch?Why do pugs have such scrunched faces?How and why do we produce saliva?What is the flavor of root beer?Why does dust make us sneeze?Can muscles break like bones do?Why is being right-handed more common?Do cats go to the dentist?Why are cactuses prickly?What happens when parts of your body fall asleep?Why do horses need horseshoes?Could a popcorn kernel grow into a popcorn plant?What are tongues for?Why do raspberries have little hairs on them?