The Keys to a Successful Management Consulting Career

Your Expert Advantage: A Higher Level of Management Consulting

10-08-2022 • 56 mins

In this episode, host James Grieve, CMC is joined by Keleigh Cormier, FCMC and Pierre Cormier, CMC. They discuss their fascinating career arcs in management consulting, and what inspired them to get started in the profession.

Their stories provide inspiration to the next generation of consultants looking to get started in this challenging but rewarding field.

On this episode of Your Expert Advantage: A Higher Level of Management Consulting, you’ll learn:

  • What inspired Keleigh and Pierre Cormier to become management consultants
  • Why Keleigh and Pierre became Certified Management Consultants (CMCs)
  • How the CMC Code of Professional Conduct can and should guide consultants
  • An exploration of the relationship between consulting and coaching
  • The importance of transparency / honesty in the client-consultant relationship
  • Why there's a strong need for consultants to help Small-Medium sized enterprises
  • Brief case studies of award-winning projects led by Pierre and Keleigh
  • What award opportunities exist for consultants in Canada

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