Why Leaders Need to Adopt a Readiness Mindset™

Your Expert Advantage: A Higher Level of Management Consulting

04-04-2022 • 50 mins

Today, host James Grieve, CMC and Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner, CMC discuss the importance of a readiness mindset in leading change initiatives.

You’ll discover how a readiness mindset breaks the cycle of resistance and allows you to tap into the brain’s innate curiosity and desire for learning, enabling people to move towards change without resistance.

On this episode of Your Expert Advantage: A Higher Level of Management Consulting, you’ll learn:

● A fascinating career arc in management consulting and organizational change leadership

● The importance of understanding change on an individual level.

● Key characteristics of healthy organizational change

● How companies often approach change initiatives vs. how they should approach them to create sustainable, healthy change

● Defining a resistant mindset vs. a readiness mindset

● How employees typically respond to change in the workplace; and how it is often misinterpreted by leaders as ‘resistant’

● How to adopt a readiness mindset, regardless of type / size of organization

● Common challenges / barriers faced by leaders in change initiatives

● Why you should remove ‘resistance to change’ from your vocabulary

● How a readiness mindset is a helpful tool for consulting leaders

● The positive organizational impact of a fully-adopted readiness mindset.

Additional Resources:

Four Organizational Change Myths Leaders to Know - https://thinktransition.com/podcast.

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