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Fortune's Favour Ep.08 - Turning Corners
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Perilous Pursuits is proud to present the D&D one-shot adventure "Respite at Rough Run" DM'd by GogoDM. This adventure is from the 12 Peculiar Towers book by Jeff Lee which can be found on the DriveThruRPG website here (https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/261838/12-Peculiar-Towers-for-5th-Edition) In recent years, a growing band of marauders have caused strife in the area, raiding settlements or extorting money from them for “protection” from being raided. Lately, they have worked to gain a tighter control over the region, even going so far as to dam a river. The dam blocks off trade between settlements on either side of it and restricts water access to the lands downstream. The dam is well-guarded and attempts to take it and dismantle it have met with failure. Scouts have located what they believe to be the headquarters of the leaders of the marauders. It is a fortified tower built on a small outcropping of rock in the midst of the Rough Run, a swift, deep river in the mountains north of the dam. Locals have decided that defeating the leaders of the marauders will be enough to break the morale of those that guard the dam. They plan a skirmish against the dam to draw the attention of the marauders while a small team enters the tower on the Rough Run to strike down the undefended leaders. + + + Support our Perilous Partners like dScryb at dscryb.com/perilous for fantasy descriptions of objects, creatures, places and other things by award winning writers. A great tool to inspire any DM as they describe (dScryb) their scenes to their players. Use the coupon code "Perilous" on the dScryb website at checkout for 10% off the subscription price. If you would like to support our Perilous Pursuits and get some cool perks, consider supporting us on patreon. Our patreons can get access for things like our after-show discussions, listening live to our shows on Discord, submitting NPC names for use in our games, playing an NPC in a game session and even becoming a core player in a future perilous adventure. We would really appreciate your support so check it out at www.patreon.com/perilous For more information about us and our other shows, visit us at www.perilouspursuits.com
4 hrs 50 mins
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