Smooth Jazz Weekend with Tina E (Feels So Right)

Smooth Jazz Weekend Radio Show

16-08-2021 • 1 hr

A SOLID show from start to finish! Overflowing with well-constructed compositions and amazing hooks! It's highly musical and absolutely enjoyable!

Set 1:
Blake Aaron-Feels So Right
Pharez Whitted-Pharaoh's Serenade
Juan Carlos Mendoza ft. Adam Hawley-Life Has Changed
Patrick Yandall-Last Flight Home
Isaac Norris-Finesse

Set 2:
Joel Del Rosario-Chanson De Mon Coeur
Brian Simpson-Waiting
Oli Silk-Out To Lunch
Judah Sealy-Fresh
LeBron Dennis-The Late Hour

Set 3:
Pierre Kendrick-Outside In
Jay Rowe-Just Another Love Thing
Geneve 5-Subtly
Marcus Click-Sound The Alarm