S1E6: Entrepreneurship & Economics with David Rosenberg from Rosenberg Research

The Unlimited Podcast by Ginsler Wealth

13-06-2022 • 59 mins

In this episode, Ginsler Wealth CEO, Brian Ginsler, speaks with David Rosenberg, President and Chief Economist & Strategist of Rosenberg Research. They discuss what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, economics 101, modern inflation, and David makes one of his boldest calls yet on the Canadian housing market.

In this episode we discuss:

2:31 Background of David Rosenberg

5:28 Work ethic and passion

11:02 Entrepreneurship

14:44 Differentiation and building a business

18:00 Supply and demand curves

22:22 Inflation today

28:24 Central banks and interest rates

35:29 Supply and demand in the economy

36:52 Economic cycles and recession

38:47 Looking ahead for investors

40:52 Global supply chains

46:02 Investing through a recession

48:09 Canadian housing market

56:31 Closing remarks and disclaimer

Note that past performance is not indicative of future returns, and nothing in this episode should be considered as investment advice.

The Unlimited Podcast is a Ginsler Wealth audio production. It is hosted and produced by Brian Ginsler, and edited and mixed by Kathryn Donville.