S1E8: Finding Unique Investment Opportunities with Daniel Zwirn from Arena Investors LP

The Unlimited Podcast by Ginsler Wealth

12-07-2022 • 54 mins

In this episode, Ginsler Wealth CEO, Brian Ginsler, speaks with Daniel Zwirn, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Arena Investors LP. They discuss the Arena approach to risk-reward analysis, diversification & special situations, and the importance of transparency in completing due diligence - with specific examples around Bridging Finance and Bernie Madoff.

In this episode we discuss:

2:21 Background of Daniel Zwirn and Arena

9:31 Arena’s asset classes

15:28 Thinking about risk

19:56 Non-traditional investments

23:18 Attachment point theory

30:50 Diversification in portfolios

35:40 Investing in today’s environment

42:45 Private lending in Canada, Bridging and Madoff

46:33 Investor due diligence

49:53 Closing remarks and disclaimers

Note that past performance is not indicative of future returns, and nothing in this episode should be considered as investment advice.

The Unlimited Podcast is a Ginsler Wealth audio production. It is hosted and produced by Brian Ginsler, and edited and mixed by Kathryn Donville.

An additional disclaimer from Arena: The information provided by Arena Investors in this podcast should not be considered a recommendation regarding any particular investment. The actual and potential investments discussed are meant to be examples of Arena’s investment approach.  It should not be assumed that any of the investments discussed herein will prove to be profitable, or that the investment recommendations or decisions made by Arena in the future will be profitable. This podcast does not constitute investment advice nor is it a recommendation or an offer of investment advisory services or products. No person in any jurisdiction may treat this document as a solicitation or offer of any advisory product or service. A prospective investor must rely solely on the terms and associated disclosures in any final offering memoranda, investment management agreement and associated subscription documents (if any), which would constitute the only basis upon which offerings of any product or service may be made.