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64. Pelvic Floor & Whole Body Physical Therapy w/ Dr. Jennifer Carr
64. Pelvic Floor & Whole Body Physical Therapy w/ Dr. Jennifer Carr
In this episode, we sat down with Dr. Jennifer Carr to discuss pelvic floor and whole body physical therapy. Topics included: - Assessment and management of pelvic floor related issues - Clogged milk ducts and other painful breastfeeding conditions - Common myths and misconceptions - And much more! --- An added note from Jen: A unique part of the subjective exam that’s different from an orthopedic exam is getting details on their bowel and bladder function including diet, fluid intake, and frequency of emptying as this helps us understand dietary and lifestyle contributions to their symptoms. We spend a ton of time talking about this before the objective exam. Reasons that I may be sending an individual back to their physician for further assessment prior to further treatment would include signs of an active infection that hasn’t been treated, someone with unmanageable pain that may be appropriate for pain medication (this would include a vaginal suppository of Valium or other medications for example), a significant prolapse that does not reduce, and skin changes that potentially medical management. Red flags include sudden changes like someone who is suddenly losing a large volume of urine or leaking feces, sudden neurological changes like progressive weakness or sudden sensory changes, excessive bleeding. If it’s someone pregnant, someone with high blood pressure, changes in fetal movement, any signs of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, sudden SOB or signs of DVT. I’m sure there are more. Of course anyone not progressing as expected will be referred back to their treating physician. --- Pelvic Floor Anatomy:   --- More about Jennifer Carr: Instagram:   Website:   --- More about us:  YouTube:   Website:   Instagram:  --- This episode was produced by Matt Hunter.