Just Admiring The View

Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions

02-10-2022 • 46 mins

Hello and welcome ,we're back again for this latest Podcast Episode brought to you by yours truely, the ever friendly host .It is a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon out here in Beautiful Stoney Creek ,I'm admiring the view from my Studio window overlooking the trees ,also we just bought in a new Cat she's hiding in the corner right now because she's not too sure of her surroundings yet but give her time .What i'v done today is bring to you more Cutting Edge Grooves of Original Music for your enjoyment .If you like this Music, then visit the website @ www.seriousnubian.com or go to www.seriousnubian.bandcamp.com
You can also purchase Music by going to https://seriousnubian.hearnow.com/trying-times
Everybody stay Funky.