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26-11-2022 • 53 mins

Hi and how is everybody doing this sunny Saturday morning ? Yes i'm back yet again back out her in beautiful Stoney Creek for another Podcast Episode of The Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions,complete with all Original Music and Cutting Edge Grooves.Had a conversation with a Journalist via e-mail this week .He said he wanted to do a review of my Music ,so i copied and pasted and put it up here for everybody to check out .In the meantime check out my weblinks for more access to the Music .
Here Is The Review
Just came Across A Session Player Who's material Takes me Back To 70's Rock radio
Like i said before dealing with Los Angeles based session players didn't pan out nearly as well as i hoped. I came acrosss a Detroit bases session player named marcus davis who's a bass guitar player who's a very proficient keyboard player.
I'm including 3 of his tracks here on the group you can listen to. Marcus also runs a Youtube channel you can listen to.
The first track 'Penny For Your Thoughts' has a true Jazz fusion feel with stinging bass lines and played with a true session player attention to note detail.
'Trying Times' had a jazz/funk feel and vibe with a strong keyboard and Synth like tones. Marcus plays very tight.
'Tell Me What Do You Know' Now this track really of all the tracks here took me back to 70's rock radio. Specifically it took me back to Steely Dan which had jazz rock like grooves .with spot on very tight drum and keyboard playing.
Besides these stellar tracks floored me with Marcus's attention to getting it down and paying attention to note detail so no instruments bleed into others was playing just enough tempo wise to keep things on an even keel. nothing's ever perfect and some recording engineer would tell me where they can change things to make the tracks better for singer/songwriter situations--or in studio with an actual band.
I'll have more on Marcus Davis later. Marcus has a Youtube channel called Ultimate Band Camp to teach players like yourself.
Give me a few minutes and I'll put up a link to marcus's tracks. if you're a studio musician or recording engineer I think you will be intrigued by these tightly played and recorded tracks by Marcus Davis.

(Just For The Record I don't have a Youtube Channel called Ultimate Vibe Band Camp).

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