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An Entertainment Law podcast for Canadian independent film/television/media producers with Greg Pang and Michelle Molineux.
Episode 35 - Workers' Comp and COVID-19 with Nancy HarwoodEpisode 34 - The cameras are supposed to wear masks!Episode 33 - Blundering the Broadcasting Act with Dr. Michael GeistEpisode 32 - Bank in an Intimate MannerEpisode 31 - BONUS - Nerd Nite: How to Prosecute Thanos for War CrimesEpisode 30 - Check-in with Michelle and GregEpisode 29 - QuarInterview #4: Producing During COVID-19 and Clone Wars talk with @ABFilmCastEpisode 28 - Virtually Commissioning Affidavits with Avnish NandaEpisode 27 - Mini-doughnuts and QuarInterview #3 with Jane ToogoodEpisode 26 - QuarInterview #2 with Storylines podcast's Sheena RossiterEpisode 25 - QuarInterview #1 with Entertainment Law Update's Gordon Firemark and Tamera BennettEpisode 24 - BONUS - Do You Defend the Defenders at Calgary Comic Expo 2018Episode 23 - Force Majeure and Frustration of Contracts in a Pandemic
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Episode 22 - Joint Interview with the Royal Canadian Movie PodcastEpisode 21 - Drones Part 3: Drones Gone Wild!Episode 20 - Title Searches with Anne Marie MurphyEpisode 19 - Drones Part 2 - How to DroneEpisode 18 - Drones, Film and the Law Part 1Episode 17 - Counsel for Creators' Chuong Bui at ClioCon San Diego
Under the San Diego sun, Greg interviews LA-based entertainment lawyer Chuong Bui from Counsel for Creators LLP. They talk about ClioCon, entertainment law in the U.S., a couple of differences between U.S. and Canadian copyright law and tech innovation in legal practice. Recorded Oct. 22, 2019 at the Clio Cloud Conference (https://cliocloudconference.com/). Special link for free video courtesy of Counsel for Creators: "How To Access The United States Copyright Registration System" https://www.loom.com/share/e1b3c00f80ec45e49f41fd7e44c265bb  Chuong Bui Instagram: @who_is_bui https://counselforcreators.com/.  SCOTUS decision in Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation v. Wall-Street.com regarding copyright registration: https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/18pdf/17-571_e29f.pdf.  Use the coupon "legalcutpro" for a free month of membership legal services from Counsel for Creators! Click on "Sign Up Now": https://counselforcreators.com/creators-legal-program/    This podcast is brought to you by AMPIA and its professional development team. Special thanks to our audio editor Jane Toogood, courtesy of AMPIA. Greg: greg@legalcutpro.com and on Twitter @cyclaw Michelle: michelle@legalcutpro.com and Instagram @michellemolineux http://www.legalcutpro.com  © 2019 RedFrame Law. Some rights reserved. This podcast episode is licensed to you under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC 4.0 licence. Details of this licence are available at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/.
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Episode 16 - Star Wars Build My Droid Contest Rights Transfer Breakdown