5 - Joanna Szurmak: Eco-pessimism and double-speak - the language of our Guardian Elites

Liberty & Wine

04-07-2022 • 1 hr 4 mins

In this episode of Liberty and Wine, Anne talks with Joanna Szurmak from the University of Toronto and York University about the way in which all governing elites, historically, have employed similar tactics and rhetoric to keep the masses fooled and under control. Joanna introduces us to Jane Jacobs’ insightful work on Guardians versus Traders, and the parallels to present-day Covidocrats are obvious. With Covid, as with Climate Change, “science” has been shamelessly torn from its foundation on informed debate and held up as if it were a trophy by shameless politicians and bureaucrats whose disregard for the most basic principles of freedom and human rights heralds a new dark age of totalitarianism.

To wash down this bitter state of affairs, Joanna introduces us to her favourite wine, a South African Shiraz called Alvi’s Drift, 2019. The wine can be hard to come by in Canada, so Malcom Jolly, our street-savvy wine critic, proposes substituting with a bottle named Porcupine Ridge and goes on to share some fascinating insights into the South African grapes we know as Shiraz or Syrah.

To read more about - and by - Joanna, check out: joannaszurmak.com