Nurses' Voices


Nurses’ Voices is a unique new video and audio series that will amplify the voices of nurses to help them adapt and excel within these changing and uncertain times. Hosted by Gail Donner and Mary Wheeler, Nurses’ Voices will feature conversations with a diverse group of Canadian nurses from a variety of workplaces. Nurses’ Voices is generously supported by the Canadian Nurses Foundation and the Canadian Nurses Association.
Starting a Nurse’s Journey: From Nursing Student to New Grad with Rebecca Gustafson and Czarielle Dela CruzWhen Trauma Hits Home: Nurses' Mental Health with Katrina Stephenson and Sarah BohachykThe Journey to Mental Health Wellness with Bonita Fanzega and Catherine FlynnSupporting Communities in the North with Dianne Iyago and Betty StrbacThe Under-Appreciated Value of Homecare with Michelle Williams and Paul HickeyThe Long-Term Care Crisis in Quebec and Canada with Natalie Stake-Doucet and Roya KazempourThe Passion and Compassion of Long-Term Care with Bahar Karimi and Sarah McNallyManaging Critical Care in Ever-Changing Times with Adam Gagnon and Patricia DaleyThe Incredible Resilience of Critical Care Nurses During COVID-19 With Lisi Aldaba and Miriam BijuPublic Health Nursing with Janice Loe and Jane SkinnerCommunity Health Nursing with Tegan Broadhurst and Alysha SamjiStorytelling in Nursing with Chantel Antone and Chantalle ClarkinIntroducing Nurses' Voices, Amplifying the Voices of Nurses