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2024 is the 5th Season of The Boomer Woman’s Podcast. Each episode is a conversation between me – I’m Agnes Knowles, your host – and a guest who talks to a subject that, someway, somehow, is relatable to Boomer Women. The guests can be any age, any gender, as long as their message is positive, informative, pertinent to our demographic. You, dear listener, might need to be open-minded, curious, tolerant, inclusive… and if you are, you will enjoy these conversations, maybe learn something, and I encourage you to share each and any episode! Click the Follow/Subscribe button to be notified of the next great guest. read less
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Fernando Diez: The Galapagos Islands and Other Destinations
Fernando Diez: The Galapagos Islands and Other Destinations
Fernando Diez’ story starts with his mother, who fell in love with The Galapagos at age 16.  A decade later she introduced her future husband to the islands and he fell in love with them too.  The rest is, as they say, history! Fernando calls himself and his brothers the Mowglis of The Galapagos. Fernando shares some history of Quito, Ecuador and so much interesting info about The Galapagos as well as background around tours of the islands. His family’s company is Quasar Expeditions – and they quickly learned that tourism was the only way to preserve the islands: “people don’t protect what they don’t know”. Listeners will appreciate an insight into what we, as Boomer women, can expect on a tour with Quasar! (listen for a tip on when to score a deal or two with the company!) Fernando also tells us about their tours of Patagonia and Mainland Ecuador.  He is so good, you’ll be thinking about a trip for sure!  The company’s social footprint is as impressive as their tours! And, finally, Fernando’s wisdom before we close is worth noting… he must have gotten that from his mother! **  My guest and I were half a globe away for our conversation so parts are a little resonant.  And please excuse my faulty Spanish! Find Fernando and Quasar Expeditions at Learn more about Fernando and Quasar, find all the links at