Future Ecologies presents: Life in the Plastisphere

Future Ecologies

19-08-2020 • 59 mins

While we work on Season 3, we're featuring an episode from one of our favourite podcasts: http://plastisphere.earth/ (Plastisphere) ––– We want to know what you want to listen to! Take our https://forms.gle/y9KwU9H24ufU79MH9 (2020 Listener Survey) and help shape the sound of Future Ecologies Season 3. ––– Finally, we're releasing 2 albums: the official soundtracks of Season 2 and our Scales of Change series, featuring the instrumental compositions of Sunfish Moon Light (a.k.a. Adam Huggins), Loam Zoku, and Vincent van Haaff. We hope these help you pass the time before we kick off our next season. You can download both and name your price. https://futureecologies.net/season-2-ost (From Mountaintop to Seafloor – The Music of Future Ecologies Season 2) https://www.futureecologies.net/soc-ost (Scales of Change – The Official Soundtrack) Support this podcast