FE3.9 - Goatwalker: Saguaro Juniper (Part 3)

Future Ecologies

07-07-2021 • 58 mins

Having finished his work in the Sanctuary Movement, Jim Corbett allowed his focus to broaden, bringing his system of ethics to the land itself. Jim had gathered many people around him throughout the Sanctuary days: a group that shared a deep, abiding love for the more-than-human world. Together they would establish a herding community – a herd in which they would all be members – grounded in a practice of ‘pastoral symbiotics’, and guided by a prescient ecological covenant: a bill of rights for the land. From Future Ecologies, this is Goatwalker, Part Three: Saguaro Juniper --- https://www.futureecologies.net/listen/fe-3-7-goatwalker-pt-1-on-errantry (Before this episode, we suggest you start with Part One of this series)  https://www.futureecologies.net/listen/fe-3-8-goatwalker-pt2-sanctuary (And then listen to Part Two) --- Get in touch with the community at Saguaro Juniper As of August 2021, Jim Corbett’s "Goatwalking" has been re-issued in a new 2nd edition. https://www.amazon.com/Goatwalking-Wildland-Living-Peaceable-Kingdom/dp/B09BLBRD77/ (You can purchase a hard copy or an e-book here) A 2nd edition of "Sanctuary for All Life" is also now available from Cascabel Books on https://www.amazon.ca/Sanctuary-All-Life-Pastoralism-Kingdom/dp/1735441546/ (Amazon) or https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/sanctuary-for-all-life-jim-corbett/1007779864?ean=9781735441542 (Barnes and Noble) – – – For musical credits, citations, and more, https://www.futureecologies.net/listen/fe-3-9-goatwalker-pt3-saguaro-juniper (click here.) https://www.patreon.com/futureecologies (Support the show and join our Patreon community) Support this podcast