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Audible Originals

Where are you from?

That’s the question presented at the beginning of each episode of Origins, Audible’s new music storytelling series, featuring eight groundbreaking artists. The answers come through spoken narrative, musical performance, and immersive sound design that make you feel like you’ve been dropped into the mind of the artist.

Our artists hail from diverse backgrounds—musically, culturally, geographically—and each has their own unique origin story. This series works in showing the common denominator shared between them: a burning desire—truly, a need—to create and express oneself, and features Billie Eilish, Camilo, Doja Cat, Flying Lotus, King Princess, Koffee, Mickey Guyton, and Tobe Nwigwe.

Origins reveals the source of each artist’s creative spirit, what fuels them. It’s a unique peek into the minds of artists creating the next wave of music, an eye-opening account of just how soulful, articulate, and purpose-driven this generation of creators can be. But, ultimately, it’s a story about finding your voice, finding your calling, finding acceptance, and finding yourself.

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