The Bag System | Dissociative Identity Disorder

Melissa C. Water

In The Bag System podcast, Melissa C. Water demonstrates that Dissociative Identity Disorder isn’t all a tragedy and that there can be a fondness for Headmates. What was once known as Multiple Personality Disorder is the most controversial mental health diagnosis, with even some of those within the field of psychology finding the concept of its existence to be laughable. This stigmatized condition has been viewed with an air of psychopathy, tragedy, or fascination. While alternate identities may sound like science fiction, perhaps, just like the skin we wear, the vulnerability for the mind to break is merely human and relatable. Though, Melissa prefers to see this, not as the mind breaking, but rather, as bending, with more of us now to help each other mend."I'm dissociating into a bag of Skittles; taste the rainbow."

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