Panic: Ghosts and Legends

Panic: Ghosts and Legends

28-05-2021 • 3 hrs 14 mins

Before Panic was our game, it was our secret. Before that, just a rumor. And before that? A ghost story. Listen close - but don’t believe everything you hear.

Panic is a legendary game played by graduating seniors in the middle-of-nowhere town of Carp, where the stakes are high and the payoff is even higher: After a series of challenges ranging from sleeping in a haunted house to running across a highway blindfolded, one winner takes home a cash prize in the tens of thousands at the end of the summer. Participating players are sworn to secrecy, which means little is known of Panic’s history. Until now.

Each of these three stories follows a former player connected to one of the game’s lingering mysteries - a ghost of Panic past, a legend. In this spellbinding novella, you’ll meet the quiet, unassuming kid who may have started it all; the golden boy who’d do anything to win; and the underestimated cheerleader who brought decades of family history into this dangerous game.

Panic: Ghosts and Legends is set in the world of the Amazon Original series Panic, available only on Amazon Prime Video.