VREP #374 | Taking your Real Estate Strategies from Good to Great with Daryl Simpson

Vancouver Real Estate Podcast

02-06-2023 • 1 hr 28 mins

You may know our guest from his 2019 appearance on the show as the Executive Vice President of Bosa Properties. But a lot has changed for Daryl Simpson (& the market!) since then.

With over 30 years of Vancouver real estate experience - from design, to construction, to marketing - there are few people who have Daryl’s understanding of our market. And today's episode is a masterclass. Daryl Simpson, now a Partner at Magnum Projects, sits down with Adam & Matt to share his insights on all things Vancouver real estate.

Why is timing more important than location? What easy metric can help you time the bottom? And what strategies will take your real estate game from good to great? This only begins to capture the game-changing takeaways in today’s episode. Level up!