VREP #357 | Will Vancouver Home Prices Fall 40% in 2023? With Charles St-Arnaud

Vancouver Real Estate Podcast

03-02-2023 • 44 mins

We are entering the 4th quarter of this current real estate slowdown & everyone has the same question. Is the end in sight or do we have a long way….down? Chief Economist at Alberta Central, Charles St-Arnaud, joins Adam & Matt this week to talk about ongoing potential risks for the Vancouver real estate market, the Canadian real estate market & the Canadian economy more generally. What are the biggest risks to the Canadian economy & how will these impact real estate? Which markets are wildly overvalued & which will prove resilient in 2023? And is it actually possible that we will see ‘40% Off’ stickers on Vancouver real estate listings in the near term? Tune in to hear this outsider's perspective!