VREP #373 | Learning from Western Canada's Largest Developer with Jonathan Meads

Vancouver Real Estate Podcast

26-05-2023 • 1 hr 5 mins

One surefire way to make money in real estate is to spot the market trends and act on them. StreetSide Developments is doing just that. A division of Qualico, Western Canada's largest privately owned real estate company, StreetSide is bringing generations of real estate expertise to the Lower Mainland. Jonathan Meads, Vice President of StreetSide, sits down with Matt and Adam to share his thoughts on the Vancouver real estate from his unique vantage point.

Which areas are positioned for explosive growth? What building challenges are unique to Vancouver? And what does Jonathan think the market will do for the balance of 2023 and beyond? This is a great overview of the current state of the market with some juicy insights from one of the largest players in Western Canada. Listen up!