VREP #375 | Neighborhoods at War with Karen Finnan & Cheryl Grant

Vancouver Real Estate Podcast

09-06-2023 • 58 mins

There is no debate: Vancouver has a housing crisis. But that does not mean that there is no debate when it comes to the next best next steps for our city & region. Karen Finnan & Cheryl Grant from the Kitsilano Coalition sit down with Adam & Matt this week to discuss the explosive new project approved at W 7th & Arbutus in Kitsilano. Who should be consulted when new construction gets approved? Does all housing in all locations make sense in our supply constrained region? And should the provincial government be able to override local voices & stifle opposition? The project at W 7th & Arbutus has become the third rail in our housing debate & will set the path for years to come. Listen up!

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