Episode Twenty-One: Brent Donnelly

Art Waves

25-10-2022 • 32 mins

Brent Donnelly is a tour director and podcaster. He deals with the logistics and dynamics of major world tours, and explores coffee from around the globe on his own show — Brenton On Tour. On this episode of Art Waves, Brent explains how he began his music industry journey as a musician, made the move to tour manager, and then tour director. Brent describes the day-to-day of coordinating major world tours and how he creates unforgettable experiences for audiences. Brent discusses the importance of volunteering at events and how being behind the scenes can lead to bigger opportunities. Brent also touches on the world tour he’ll soon be concluding in stadiums and arenas throughout South America, before moving onto a new tour that will take him across 50 countries in 2023. Thank you to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for making this podcast possible! Listen to Brent’s podcast, Brenton On Tour, here: http://www.brentonontour.com/