Payments In 2022 and Beyond

Credit Union Conversations

02-08-2022 • 28 mins

On this episode of Credit Union Conversation, Mark & Stephanie Hainje of My Leverage talk about what's new in payments and how credit unions can use today's technology to build low-cost deposits. Connecting with digital payment platforms is key to convenience for customers so tune in to learn more on how to make that happen! Guest: Stephanie Hainje IN THIS EPISODE: [02:00] Stephanie talks about her start in the credit union world and the current state of credit [06:30] Pandemic recovery in terms of spending trends [10:00] Debit cards and digital payment methods [19:00] Getting credit unions connected with digital payment platforms KEY TAKEAWAYS: Connecting credit unions with digital payment platforms is key to convenience and ease for customers Spending habits ebb and flow with time and credit unions should adjust as needed Building relationships and connecting within the community is a great thing for local Credit Unions RESOURCE LINKS: BIO: Stephanie has over 15 years of experience in the credit union space and an extensive background in payments and RFP consulting. She has served multiple roles ranging from payments education and training, to relationship management and consulting to help credit unions enhance their payments offerings.

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