Deb Aoki, David Brothers, Christopher Butcher, Chip Zdarsky

Curious about manga but don't know where to start? Well neither does comics writer/artist Chip Zdarsky! Join manga experts Deb Aoki, David Brothers, and Christopher Woodrow-Butcher, as they introduce the medium to Chip (and to you!) through some of its best and most important works. Every week a new volume of manga to re-discover, discuss, and enjoy! More info at Mangasplaining.com!

Ep. 62: My Love Mix-Up by Aruko & Hinekure, PLUS Unico: Awakening Interview with Samuel Sattin!Ep. 61: Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler, by Kawamoto and NaomuraEp. 60: Dick Fight Island Volume 1, by Reibun IkeEp. 59 : Ping Pong, by Taiyo MatsumotoEp. 58: Birds of Shangri-La, by Ranmaru ZariyaEp 57: AJIN Demi-Human Vol 1 & 2Ep. 56: The Best Books for New Readers from Season OneEp. 55: Interview with Jamila Rowser, Black Josei PressEp. 54: Interview with Ken NiimuraEp. 53: Interview with Emma RíosEP. 52: Mangasplaining Season 2 Wrap-Up!Ep. 51: AKIRA Vol. 3, by Katsuhiro OtomoEp. 50: Our Dining Table, by Mita Ori, and Deadpool Samurai, by Kasama and UesugiEp. 49: Blue Period, by Tsubasa YamaguchiEp. 48: The Blood Red Boy, by Minami Q-taEp. 47: Kamen Rider Classic Vol 1, by Shotaro Ishinomori + Record of Raganarok v1 & 2Ep. 46: Nausicaa Vol. 1, by Hayao MiyazakiEp. 45: Devilman Classic Vol. 1, by Go NagaiEp. 44: Mangasplaining, Listen to Me! With Allen & ApplegateEp. 43: Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Vol 1, by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko