Hot White Heist

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Deep under Seattle’s Space Needle in a hidden bunker sits the most valuable substance on Earth: Barack Obama’s sperm. And Mark Zuckerberg’s. And Stephen Hawking’s. In case of global catastrophe, the US government has been storing sperm samples from some of history’s greatest minds (and also some politicians). This groundbreaking, NSFW romp follows Jude “Judy” Fink (Bowen Yang) and a crew of misfits from across the LGBTQ+ spectrum as they attempt the stickiest heist in history. Why? To help a lesbian cult finance a top-secret project, of course. Featuring an all-star, all-queer cast, Hot White Heist is the first and only podcast about a sperm bank heist. What else do you need to know?

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Cast: Bowen Yang, Abbi Jacobson, Jane Lynch, Cynthia Nixon, Margaret Cho, Bianca Del Rio, MJ Rodriguez, Shannon Woodward, Stephanie Beatriz, John Cameron Mitchell, Tony Kushner, Cheyenne Jackson, Jonathan Bailey, Peppermint, Brian McCook and more.

Produced by Broadway Video

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