Sound the Alarm: Theatre for the Ears

Sound the Alarm: Music/Theatre

A series of short fictional audio-dramas that immerse you in great sonic stories and characters.  Accompanied by interviews with artists and experts around the various 'alarms' we are sounding, this diverse series is a unique look at our world through the lenses of great artists and storytellers.

Nov 3: STARMAN + conversations

Dec 1: THE ETERNAL SAILOR + conversations

Jan 5: LOST SOUL ANIMAL RESCUE + conversations

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Play Trailer
LOST SOUL ANIMAL RESCUE Conversation: with Tracy Pierce and Elfina LukLOST SOUL ANIMAL RESCUE: an animal adventure, by Gary Mok.LOST SOUL ANIMAL RESCUE (trailer)THE ETERNAL SAILOR Conversation:  with Dr. Miu Chung Yan, Derek Chan and Lok YuTHE ETERNAL SAILOR Conversation:  with Dr. Derek Turner, Derek Chan, Lok Yu..THE ETERNAL SAILOR:  a love story, by Derek ChanTHE ETERNAL SAILOR (trailer)STARMAN Conversation:  with Kayvon Khoshkam, Victor Dolhai, Brent Hirose, and Matt McLeanSTARMAN Conversation: with Pippa Mackie and Ashley GreensmythSTARMAN:  a dark comedy, by Pippa MackieSTARMAN (trailer)