Human to Human

Jessica McDonald

Human to Human was born out of meaningful conversations with best friends about navigating life in your 20’s. When we share our experiences – the good ones and the bad – we are vulnerable enough to connect on a deeper level. It’s in those moments we feel more human. Listen in as Jess cuts through the small talk and tells you exactly how it is. You’ll be sure to get a dose of many Jess epiphanies, dating stories, and therapy realizations.

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Fill out our listener survey:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdZHanmvVpRchjpa96phQTCq7C-dT7fCxFQY-bj72bhkIyXdQ/viewformWelcome to the SEASON 2 FINALE of Human to Human! In today's episode, Jess breaks down how to feel confident saying no, setting boundaries, and why these things are so important in your life. The podcast will be returning for Season 3 on June 22nd with mainly SOLO EPISODES! So buckle your seat belts and get ready for some quality Jess time every single Tuesday! Thank you so much for being a listener of this show and we look forward to bringing you even better content for this next season.In the meantime listen to these fun solo episodes Jess has recorded over the past year! Getting Ghosted:https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/human-to-human/id1525465824?i=1000514570147Societal Expectations on Love and Relationshipshttps://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/human-to-human/id1525465824?i=1000512309100Moving on & Online Datinghttps://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/human-to-human/id1525465824?i=1000507078283Self Pressurehttps://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/human-to-human/id1525465824?i=1000505115207Breakup Advicehttps://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/human-to-human/id1525465824?i=1000495827561No Boy Augusthttps://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/human-to-human/id1525465824?i=1000490475243Human to Human Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/humantohumanpod/Human to Human on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9cZBviqJ1jQu2HMhJUMgigJessica’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jessicajmcdonald/ Jessica's Blog https://www.jessicajm.com/ Jessica's Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtB41kxU76ZYmmE0JzweUow?view_as=subscriberThanks to Pitchboi for creating the music for the show!https://www.instagram.com/pitchboi/https://open.spotify.com/artist/4tbGaTk7mdmqchEa3sjFoH?si=EsmGNcpXTFG7wNGWdifI-w
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